Babywearing wraps and clothing

Babywearing wraps and clothing

Babywearing wraps for everyone, elegant and functional babywearing clothing. Made with love and experience in the Czech Republic.

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Czech manufacturer of babywearing wraps and clothing

Loktu She is a company founded by four women, mothers of small kids and enthusiastic babywearers. We see babywearing as a wonderful way to keep our little loved ones where they feel the best.  We offer beautiful, high quality, yet affordable babywearing wraps, clothing and accessories. We believe that babywearing is the best way to start a new life - both for the baby and for his or her parents. We are not indiff erent to the world we live in and that is why we try to use the most ecological techniques in production, transportation and also the materials which we use. We are delighted that the whole manufacturing process takes place in the Czech Republic, mostly in the area surrounding Liberec. 

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Materials used

Quality matters to us. When choosing the materials for our products we pay attention to their quality but we also place importance on choosing Czech producers and supplies. We purchase non-local materials only in those cases when the quality of a certain material is much higher than on local market.

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