About us

Loktu She is a Czech company founded by four women, who are supported by their ever-growing number of children and, so far, stable number of partners. Our home is Liberec, in the northern part of the Czech Republic. We focus on the production of babywearing essentials - wraps, carriers and clothing.

The name of the company - Loktu She - is a reminder of the long babywearing tradition in our region. Our great-grandmothers used to wear their babies in “loktuše” or “trávnička”, which would enable them to carry their little ones around at all times. We would like to continue this tradition.

We were brought together by babywearing. We see it as a beautiful, joyful and loving way to care for our kids. We all love to spread knowledge about babywearing and we all, in some way, support parents around us when they want to carry their children. Founding Loktu She is yet another step in providing this support. Our aim is to offer beautiful, accessible and high quality products that will enable you and your babies to experince all the benefits of babywearing. It is also important for us to provide supportive and evidence-based information regarding the gentle, loving nature of attachment parenting.

Our professional backgrounds are highly varied - lawyer, medical doctor, seamstress and social worker. We see that as a huge advantage - different views benefit our work; at the same time we are able to work as a team. We always learn from each other.

We care about the world we live in so we put as much effort into making our production as environmentally and human - friendly as possible. We are careful about means of transport, materials used, and applied procedures. We are proud that most of our production takes place around Liberec, where we are based.

Establishing harmony between family and work life is very important for us is. We look for the best ways to work - and be with our children and partners at the same time. Sometimes it´s tough, often it´s adventurous, and most times it´s fun.

Thank you for being with us.

LoktuShe team