Rhododendrons Hope: the story of a wrap

Wrap that survived hurricane.

We agreed unusually quickly on the color combination of this beauty, however, finding just the right name was a bit more difficult. There were many ideas but none were just the right fit.

While we were thinking (and cutting, and sewing), our friend, and the admin of the Uneseni Loktu Shí (carried away by Loktu She) group, Markéta, left for Florida packing the pink and black rhododendrons with her in her suitcase. Our thoughts about the name for it were interlaced with her pictured from the airport, New York, Florida...

And then we got a message from her saying that a hurricane was coming their way and they might have to evacuate. Thankfully, her sense of humor didn’t leave her.

We watched the weather reports and heard Markéta’s regular updates, where she said that it was going to be just like summer vacations in the cottage – without power and water – and that her and her girls would most certainly handle it. She even sent a picture of a cupboard where they intended to hide.

And it was as the girls promised: they survived both the hurricane and the time in the cupboard and we felt utterly relieved.

The pink and black rhododendrons from the evacuated luggage found their name on their own: Hope. The hope that those you love will withstand the hardships of fate anywhere in the world.

Following the reports about hurricane Irma it became clear that the USA – where most media attention was diverted to – with better infrastructure and a incomparably stronger economy would be able to cope much better than the countries in the Caribbean that Irma hit much harder and that are so much poorer. That is why we decided to give 5% of each Rhododendrons Hope sold to the Club of friends of People in Need. They will send the money, among other things, to immediate aid during humanitarian catastrophes. We would love it if you also joined us.