Lenka Austová

Head of the clothing section

Responsible for designing the clothes and for communication with suppliers

Contact: lenka.austova@loktushe.cz

I am a tailor by trade. I like to sew clothing for children in my free time, especially t-shirts with diggers, tractors or other machines for my two rascals, Jíří and Matěj. I started to work on my ideas for babywearing clothing during my second pregnancy. Initially, I was called to Loktu She as a potential employee. Together we were designing the Lok Tai carrier and later babywearing coat and hoodie. It was a great honor for me when I was offered a partnership in the company. I am extremely happy to be working on a great project with a group of women whom it is a pleasure to spend time with. It has always been my dream to have my own business that would allow me to combine my family and work life. However, the fact that we can help women on their way to parenthood full of contentment continues to be the most valuable part of this project for me.

I am currently designing new babywearing clothing, playing with different styles and sewing the prototypes. I am responsible for testing them and for getting them manufactured. I am continuously searching for new materials that will not only be beautiful and of high quality, but that will also correspond to our values and so be locally produced.

I am also working on Lok Tai carrier and I have a lot of surprises ready for you :) If by miracle I find myself with some free time I like to spend it with a good book and if I just don’t know what else to do I take out my beads box.