Bára Šolková

Director of the cooperative

Responsible for HR, finances, e-shop

Contact: bara.solkova@loktushe.cz

I am a social worker and I have worked on numerous projects focused on socially disadvantaged groups. However, I always lacked the opportunity to be able to offer a meaningful job where people could succeed and achieve stability. Gradually, I came to the conclusion that I want to focus on social entrepreneurship. After becoming a mother, I gained more clarity about it – I want to have a job that could be advantageous for a large spectrum of people, that I would enjoy, that would allow me to progress and which would allow me to have enough time for my family.

Loktu She is an ambitious project that combines these requirements. I was there when the ideas about the company were just emerging and there were times when things got hard, but overall this project is something that I have faith in. Our dream for the future is to employ people who are disadvantaged on the job market, for example, the long term unemployed. Loktu She also shows my son Vítek that work can be fun – he loves going to meetings with me, plays with my colleagues’ children and the office is one big playground for him, which he doesn’t want to leave.

I am a team leader of Loktu She and I aslo take care of the finances and e-shop. I try to stick to our plans, which can be really tough at times. However, we take everything as a challenge and so far we have been successful at overcoming any hurdles – even the really sweet ones like having three quarters of the team pregnant :). In my private life I like to spend time with my family and friends, I am active in two non profit organizations and I like to hike, play and sing.

July 2016 update: Bára is now mom of two - Vítek was joined by cute little Štěpánek.