Anna Kšírová

Art director, Babywearing educator

Responsible for design and manufacturing of wraps, babywearing support and PR


I am a doctor by profession and I worked at the neurosurgical intensive care unit before my son was born. Motherhood enriched me in many aspects, among others, it brought me very quickly to babywearing. I first carried my sons for practical reasons – so that I could eat and he didn’t have to cry. However, I gradually found out that babywearing has many positive impacts on the baby, the mum and on their mutual relationship. The most important things that got me firmly believing in benefits of babywearing were my own experience with it and innumerable joyful moments with my son. However, the clear and straightforward results of medical and anthropological research focused on babywearing were also important.

I gradually started to support other parents around me in babywearing. I took a babywearing educator course in 2014, which deepened my knowledge and understanding about children’s development and needs. Since then I have continuously tried to improve my knowledge and seek to discover new viewpoints – for me and my son but also for women and men I meet when teaching a babywearing course.

I longed for the possibility to offer the parents I teach a universal, accessible and beautiful wrap they can use the whole time when they carry their child. Loktu She fulfilled this dream for me.

I am responsible for the design and manufacturing of the wraps, babywearing support and PR. I also take on innovation and development of the babywearing equipment – so that our products are practical, beautiful and comfortable for you and your babies.

I love to hike the mountains and walk through the woods and meadows. The most beautiful moments are those when my son, Jáchym, sleeps on my back and there is a stunning view in front of us – that is happiness and peace combined.


May 2016 update: Anna is now mother to two little boys - Jáchym was joined by Kryštof.